From Carbon Dioxide to Glucose.

This is private.

I call this lofter RuBisCO for a reason.

How fascinating it is for a molecule to be able to transform CO2 into glucose, which is the very fundimental organic energy source for almost every living organism. The process of photosynthesis is nothing but miracle. Yet it is just so common that you can find it in any green and shiny plant cell.

And I wish I could do just that -- to produce something adorable, something fluffy, something that is just so nice that you can't help yourself but smile.

Well. Of course I'm not arrogent enough to actually believe I'm capable of that. It's just. To do anything close, and I'm content with it.

But everything can backfire.

RuBisCO is never the perfect enzyme. It can as well lead to photorespiration, and all the energy harvested from sun light is wasted.

I'm aware that I'm not the happy type. I'm bad tempered, and far more easy to feel anxious and depressed. I suffer from daily life yet refuse to share my feelings with anyone.

But I did recovered from a major depression disorder and I understand what is required if I ever dreamed of functioning just fine. If I can't be a happy person, I'll just look for happiness from others. Humans, animals, plants, inorganic matters, no problems.

I think I've done not too bad so far.

But sometimes life is just unbearable.


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